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Hartman Woodworks LLC.

A Small Shop with Big Character

Hartman Woodworks LLC specializes in custom handmade wood products. A small shop located in the mountains of central Pennsylvania, we utilize the locally grown hardwoods to create unique and functional designs.

Excellence and Professionalism 

I started Hartman Woodworks LLC as a hobby, but it has quickly grown into a passion for quality, custom handmade woodworking. Along with what you see in my ETSY shop, we also do a lot more than butcher blocks and cutting boards. Please check out some of my recent projects.

Handmade Craftsmanship

Hartman Woodworks LLC specializes in custom handmade wood products.  Utilizing the highest qualitity of materials and scrutinizing every detail,Hartman Woodworks LLC is old world craftsmanship for today.  

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